AIBEA Wage Revision Latest News, AIBOA Wage Revision Latest News: Latest News of Wage Revision

Latest News about AIBEA Wage Revision and AIBOA Wage Revision

Details about the wage revision of AIBEA, AIBOA and other information about can be found at this link –

Contact details of AIBOA
All India Bank Officers’ Association (AIBOA)
A.K.Nayak Bhavan 14, Second Line Beach,
Second Floor, Behind G.P.O, CHENNAI 600001.

Ph: 25265511
Fax: 25249081
Res: 24910705
Mobile: 96770 19105

The latest AIBEA and AIBOA Wage revision news and information was much awaited by the AIBEA and AIBOA members.

3 Responses to “AIBEA Wage Revision Latest News, AIBOA Wage Revision Latest News: Latest News of Wage Revision”

  1. viswanathan radhakrishnan says:

    april 27 2010 is a very sad day min the history of bankstaffs trade union movement
    the leadeers of all the tradeunions without understanding and recognising the feelings of lacs of bank employees sacrificed hardwon rights
    of bipatitism they have not taken into account the sacrifices-financial and mental- the pf optees have to face for getting a meagre wage increase

    they have decided to dxivide the entire bank staff into two groups which can never be united even by god

    god alone can gorgive them for their utter selfish acts of signing the agreement in the dotted liness of iba sgame for trade unions shame for ufbu

    v radhakrishnan erode

  2. sachin mohod says:

    please inform 6.5% settlement news brief & details

  3. dhanabalan says:

    When iba and govt fail to recognise our honest and sincere work for the growth and profitability of the nation and the bank compared to other govt not profitable sectors that are being paid updation we have every right to initially offtime rallies and dharnas at allaluk head quarters and pensioners can go on fast by rotatin and ultimately indefinite strike. Past unionactions have resulted I npoor results. Quick and firm decsion and action is required and not compromise with cheters.dhanabalan 17 shanmuga nagar 1 st thiruverkadu coop nagar chennai 600077 mobile 9444551949

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