MAHAVAT E-Filing, E-Payment, E-Returns: Maha VAT, Maharashtra VAT –


E-Filing, E-Payment, E-Returns

Maharashtra VAT (Maha VAT) is the value added tax levied on goods in the state of Maharashtra. The VAT rate varies from item to item, which is decided by the Department of Taxes, Maharashtra.

The Maha VAT website provides facilities for e-filing of taxes, e-returns, and e-payment. To use those online tax facilities, you should be registered on

MahaVAT rates and online filing and return details can be obtained from the Maharashtra Tax department.

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  1. manmohan says:

    I want to submit my mahavat tax online

  2. Bipin D. Doshi says:

    I have filled e returns, i want to make epayment, my banker is Bank of India which as per your list accepting e payment but they r not ready to accept this case what should i do?now date is over, Department must extend the date

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