NRHM Karnataka Jobs – Vacancy at NRHM Karnataka

NRHM Karnataka Jobs and Vacancy

Job vacancy details of NRHM Karnataka is available from the local NRHM centres in the state. National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) was started by the Govt. of India under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to improve the general health of the rural India. NRHM Karnataka provides a great opportunity for job seekers in Karnataka to make their career in the health sector. Job candidates are taken into NRHM projects by recruitment and annoucement of vacancy in NRHM Karnataka.

If you are looking to work in the Karnataka NRHM undertaking, you should look out for vacancies and recruitment details in dailies published in Karnataka. Recruitment information about NRHM in Karnataka can also be found on the website Karnataka NRHM website. Though many many job options are available, doctors, pharmacist, and nurses are mainly sought after. For other available jobs and salary please contact the local NRHM center.

The website of Karnataka’s Department of Health and Family Welfare is located at – link. Details about NRHM in Karnataka can be availed from the website.

35 Responses to “NRHM Karnataka Jobs – Vacancy at NRHM Karnataka”

  1. usha says:

    Hellow sir,
    i request to revise the salary for [g.n.m] nurses in Karnataka who work’s for NRHM because the basic need to live is money but the salary compared to present cost of living is too high, as a NRHM nurses point of wive the lower salary poor perfomence, little increase of salary double performance every one is willing to work hard and reach goal of NRHM but one thing is hinderence that is salary and job security, this the reason nurses quit job in just few days and doesnt prefer to work for NRHM [monthly salarys are not issued on time in Bellary please filter the nurses and A.N.M who does not work sincerly there are number of ANM and GNM at Bellary.

  2. nrhm worker says:

    Respected sir ,
    sir please do consider the issue seriously,salaries are not issued in write time as we are facing great crisis the only thing to survive in this costly life is finance, dear sir as we have not recived salaries since 3 months loans and credits has come to the neck sir please do realise the amount. sir sum higher officers are grabing the staff’s salary and not issued hand full.

  3. sunitha says:

    Respected sir,
    In these day of rised cost of living, salary is the only property of middle class and lower class families like us.
    now a days cost of daily basic needs in every sectors like food, bus fare, fuels, rents and etc., as the staff of NRHM PROJECT
    we are getting comparatively less salary when compared to other staff of state government staffs but we are also working under same government field and same work load with same quality of work but we are not getting equal salary or equal facilities.. though we are working in the very important need of society like health department we are not satisfied by our economical condition its very sad thing. so pls consider our problems seriously, and pls give us reasonable salary atleast to spend this costly life. It is not only my intention but all the staff working as me.

  4. shani sequeira says:

    dear Policy makers and planners

    This is such a shame that in this age and era higher officials are unconcerned what is paid to field staff the back bone of the program. Is there a conspiracy to let the program fail systematically so private players benefit? people any way have no trust in Public system! we are like this only?

    This gross lack of concern by officials is a great concern. why are field staff salary lower than your drivers salary? why are they not paid even. we hear that link workers and ASHA in in Bengaluru are not paid salary over six months. ASHA are threatened after 16 yrs of contract work to leave ad go by agency. why such long term contract in the first place? they are the back bone of our health porgram? Link workers, ASHA.s ANM.s and Nurses if paid well and engaged well by uplifting their work condition there need not be a ***** situation like we have now in MMR or IMR. Look at Sri Lanka they have their nurses and field staff well in placed as well as cared well and their IMR and MMR is far lower than India’s despite such long civil war. Can’t we learn our lessons from others mistake or are we planning to fail the NRHM?? whose benefit is it anyway? At some point in history will we get exposed so lets be aware while we fail to see the answers within the questions.
    we are pained that the people who have to make decisions and implement have failed to show vision that has the power to change things towards NRHM goals

  5. Ram charan says:

    Dear Sir.
    am a D Group Employee from Past 4 Years…… still doing the the above mentioned job .
    any other option or permanent appointment under NRHM scheme ….

    pls provide me a good suggestion for me……..

    thank u sir.

  6. vijay says:

    actually requesting is waste to mother *******….they take there monthly salary ontime… they dont have any problems with others if they also ****** with nout salary they to know wats happen when proper salary is not given………………
    bloody ass wholes always says no buduget then where the **** the budget is going……….

  7. vijay says:

    realy our govt should ****** by dogs

  8. altaf says:

    hello sir i have completed my Master of Social Work and also exp plz send m mail if job in ur nhrm

  9. umesh.hassan.karntaka says:

    Respected sir .

    I kindly request sir . What salary we have give it’s realy not able to lead basic life liveing . pls you think about the regular staff nurse basic salary and also ours we are doing same work but salary . . Too deferent . pls consider my request and think in my position . Actualy i am working since seven year in NRHM . Just think what about my life still i take Rs 7.500 salary

  10. umesh.hassan.karntaka says:

    Respected sir .

    I kindly request sir
    staff nurse salary we have give it’s realy not able to lead basic life liveing . pls you think about the regular staff nurse basic salary and also ours we are doing same work but salary . . Too deferent . pls consider my request and think in my position . Actualy i am working since seven year in NRHM . Just think what about my life still i take Rs 7.500 salary

    Thank you . .
    Pls consider my request

  11. kishore kumar says:

    kindly give opportunity in karnataka nrhm as dist. program manager

  12. kishore kumar says:

    i have 4 1/2 years experience as dist. program officer in AP-NRHM , waiting for DPM in MYSORE as i came to know that it is vacant

  13. Dr.ashish thomas says:

    hi sir,

    i am a physiotherapist. now i am doing post graduation in health from iihmr Bangalore. this is my final semester. sir for me any vacancy,please let me know.

    thank you

  14. Venkatesh N says:

    Please inform me any job opportunity in NRHM Program?

  15. gurupada says:

    Hi sir, i have one request here, for the supervision and training of health workers, ASHA’s, MPW’s, ANM’s and community health nurses, why cant you recruit post graduate nurses those who completed msc in community health nursing. i hope he/she will be the right person for the above……

  16. k.padma says:

    now iam working in NGO. but i want job

  17. Shadath Anvar P.M says:

    I am practicing as an advocate since 14 years. Now I am interested to serve job at headquarters in NHRM Bangalore.
    Please inform to my mail.

  18. G.Rasmita Patro says:

    Respected Sir

    I have passed M.Com & MBA in Finance.Currently,I am working under NRHM Odisha as a Block Accounts Manager, now i want a job at NRHM karnataka. Convey if there is an oppurtunity.

  19. kotresh m Di//haveri says:

    kotresh milli from haveri district please job nrhm taluk hospetal computer section i am the qalification BA.Diploma in computer application and hardware and net working sis mob 9972826558

  20. rupali mang says:

    i am 1/year.nrhm in marashta naras and 2/year pravet hospital exp. but i hvae wat to job in karnataka con .08856035114

  21. Dr. Syeda Atiya nasreen says:

    Dear Sir, kindly guide me that how to apply for a job at NRHM in karnataka, as i have done BAMS, PGDHA, CCMT & LLB.

  22. nagaraj maravalli says:



  23. KARNATAKA says:

    dichunchanagiri medical college. i want gov send me mail if job in nrhm.

  24. dr.gopi chavan says:

    dear sir, kindly guide me that how to apply for job at nrhm in karanatak at bijapur are bagalkot dist as i have done bams

  25. dr.gopi chavan says:

    dear sir, kindly guide me that how to apply for job at nrhm in karanatak at bijapur are bagalkot dist as i have done bams this is my no 9916552458

  26. basith says:

    hir sir i need job in nrhm i have completed diploma in health inspector. and i have 1year field work exp. any job for me plz cntct. 9986869611

  27. Chandrashekhar says:

    I am Chandrashekhar. Computed BBM Degree in Kuvempu University and i have 3 years exp. computer data entry operator. know i am looking a job under NRHM plz give me a chance 9481417700

  28. Veena says:

    dear madam I am computer operator please give me one job

  29. santhosh says:

    kindly inform health inspector post in karnataka.

  30. santhosha B R says:

    Dear sir/Madam,
    kindly inform health inspector post in eny distin karnataka plz givew me a chance

  31. Danappa m athani says:

    I complete the Dmlt lab technician course I need govt vaccinesi Karnataka nrhm

  32. srutipriya dash says:

    I had completed MSC-IT,JAVA,SAP
    Appointed as national trainer for ASHA module 6&7.
    I had good communication,teambuilding,leadership, skill,
    know the language hindi,english,odia,kanada.

  33. myaki govindraj says:


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