PSK Ahmedabad: Passport Seva Kendra Ahmedabad

Passport Seva Kendra Ahmedabad

Two PSKs are being developed in Ahmedabad at present. Passport Seva Kendra Ahmedabad is going to be the center for everything related to passport in Ahmedabad. For issuing of new passports, renewal of existing ones, corrections, appointment related to passports, visit will need to visit PSK Ahmedabad.

PSK Ahmedabad Address
The addresses of the PSKs will be provided once the passport offices become operational.

In PSK Ahmedabad, the staff will help you with all your queries related to your passport. For Passport Seva Kendra Ahmedabad website and its information, visit

3 Responses to “PSK Ahmedabad: Passport Seva Kendra Ahmedabad”

  1. Mankad Mrugen says:

    while appling online for passport i am not able to select state/district “Ahmedabad” in selection list it is not included. then how to register online

  2. parinkmar b mandaliya says:

    plzz tell me my passport status

  3. Nalini Bhatt says:

    i already applied for renewal but now i want to convert into tatakal. But whatever fees paid in normal passport,my paid fees shall be carry forward or not?I have to pay remaining fees ?

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