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The Regional Passport Office (RPO), Mumbai is responsible for all passport related functions around Mumbai. The office handles the renewal of all passports, and enquiries of all passport related matter. Mumbai RPO has status checking facilities for your passports too. Visit the RPO Mumbai website or offices for your passport-related queries.

RPO Mumbai Website: Regional Passport Office (RPO) Mumbai
Telephone inquiry of Passport: 022-24965555
E-mail: rpo.mumbai@mea.gov.in

The Regional Passport Office, Mumbai is located at Manish Commercial Centre, 216-A, Dr. A. B. Road, Worli, Mumbai – 400 030. The Passport Office Annex is located at Bengal Chemical Bhavan, Prabhadevi, Mumbai – 400 025.

12 Responses to “RPO Mumbai | RPO Mumbai Passport | RPO Mumbai Passport Status | RPO Mumbai Passport Renewal | RPO Mumbai Enquiry | RPO Mumbai Inquiry | RPO Mumbai Application | Regional Passport Office (RPO) Mumbai”

  1. abdul rahaman faruqi says:

    i need my passport file no.

  2. Premlatha Nair says:


    Please let me know what to do with annexure I for a minor who has attained 15 years of age as the notary says that minor cannot exeucte affidavit so please let me know the procedure.


  3. RAHUL THAKKAR says:


  4. prasadpurao says:

    sir, yes i recevied my passport with wrong date of birth, tell me solution

  5. Afrin shaikh says:

    Sir i am not receiving my passport still i am apply 4th Nov 2010 4 months ago then let me answer when give me a passport . i need to be is in urgent.

  6. rooosha patel says:

    sir this is to inform u that i rooosha patel as not recieved the passport 17march2011 as its very urgent plz reply or what should i do how do i go about it.i have recieved aletter from ur p

  7. Narendra says:

    Dear B. S. Rokade and A. Manickam,

    I am really disappointed for the level of service that Mumbai passport office provides to its customers.

    First of all, this is my third email since last one we and no one replied it.

    I am trying to get the passport application status (No: A002461 and applicant is: JAYSHRIBEN UMESHBHAI THUMMAR). Online service shows very old updates (12th April).

    I am trying to contact someone on ***** (022-24965555 and 6411042011). These lines are always busy. Today I tried very early in the morning, 4 AM but still receiving automatic voice message saying “ all lines in this route is busy”. This made me very disappointed.

    How is it possible that lines are busy at this time?

    I am very proud being an Indian and India is shining in terms of business growth and GDP growth. However, I am very sick of the work culture that we Indian have.

    No one is bother for answering email or *****. Sometime I think really India is growing ? If yes, then why working culture and mentality is not improving?

    If we Indian will not improve our work culture then one day India will go backward !!!!!!!!

    I am really worried about my country’s growth !!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you agree with my concern and worry…

    Look forward to hear from you.

  8. priyanka sawat says:

    i applied for passport 20 sep 2010 my ref no. b032724 & my two time varification done but still i didnt get passport what to do? please help me i stay in sion

  9. abdul sameem says:

    emigration clearence is required or not

  10. abdul sameem says:

    i got passport but in this passport emigration required so what can i do

  11. uzma kazi says:

    my daughter name is uzma kazi i applied passport for her and at the same time i applied for my son also yesterday i received my son’s passport by speed post but i didn’t get my daughter’s passport(file no.BOMG01756111) kindly give me reply.

  12. Nishaparekh says:

    I got today’s appointment timing 10.30 for Application no.12-0001844795 Appointment ID100002279085912 and Application no 120001919267 Appointment Id 100002278843912 at 10 am Due to Exam I could not make it on time they suggest me to take today’s last slot appointment. Can u please help me, how to do this.

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