South Central Railway: PNR Status Enquiry, Timings, Reservation, Seat Availability, Inquiry

South Central Railway: PNR Status Enquiry, Timings, Reservation, Seat Availability, Inquiry

For PNR Status Enquiry, Timings, Seat Availability, Reservation and other inquiry regarding South Central Railway, you should visit: is the official website of South Central Railway.

South Central Railway PNR Status Enquiry: (Passenger Current Status)
South Central Railway Seat Availability: (which seats are available)
South Central Railway Train Timings: (Train Schedule )
South Central Railway Vacant Berths: (Available seats)

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103 Responses to “South Central Railway: PNR Status Enquiry, Timings, Reservation, Seat Availability, Inquiry”

  1. pradnya says:

    want to know if reservation of train no.1019 from pune to hyd.having ticketno.8459893101 is confirmed or not

  2. D SAIBABA says:

    this board have low resoulation of ur website.we r not satisfay.we r lucky when ur site will give a reason

  3. c.s.n.raju says:

    date travel 20-2-10 pl. confirm

  4. S Viswanatha Rao says:

    I have been travelling chennai frequently madurai and other pilgrim cities for the last several years with family Myself aged about 57 years cardiac patient would like to bring to the notice of sc railways that whenever tickets are booked in advance for Charmninar express (say more than one or two months) we arebeing alloted S11 S14 everytime but intend to know why this partiality towards elderly passengers who are constrained to walk such a long distance on th platform in chennai with luggages Why the authorities are not allotting the coaches S1/S2/S3/S4 when it is booked in well advance what is the pocedure for allotting front coaches whereas the passengers in the age group 30 to 45 are detraining from S1/S2/S3S4 coaches and it has been experienced for the last several years First three coaches should be earmked to the aged/senior ciizens only and allotment of coaches poolicy needs to be re-vamped on FIRST-***-FIRST BASIS BUT NOT FIRST-***-LAST SERVICE THAT IS BEING FOLLOWED BY SOUTHERN RAILWAY

  5. B.BAPI RAJU says:

    I want reservation for gouthami from sc to kkd town -on
    22-03-2010 and return ticket availability on 25-03-2010.
    kindly confirm the same.

  6. sathish says:

    i want reservetion availablity fo train no 6328 for thrid ac coach for 4 passengers

  7. shashi says:

    #My PNR kindly confirm that reservation status.i want to travel bangalore on 26/03/2010.

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  9. sandeep says:


  10. SIVADASAN says:

    i want to go to Rameswaram how can I book an online ticket and I want to know the train name and number. I want to know the departure time and arrival time.
    Please give me the detail.

  11. m.anjaneyulu says:

    our pnr no.1245640385 madhira to tirupathi on 02.5.2010 padmavathi express
    pl confirm the reseervation status

  12. srkreddy says:

    what about my pnr status =1245863144

  13. srkreddy says:

    our pnr no=1245863144 rajumundary tochennai on 10-5-2010 plz conform circar express

  14. c.r.sampath kumar says:

    I would like to know why there had been no special trains towards kerala side.When the railway authoraties know that there is heavy trafic as every day there is a waiting list of above 200 in sleeper class.They can even start a train by collecting complete tatkal charges so that the persons who are travellling with families on a sudden not will get reservation

  15. radhika says:

    my, hyderabad to coimbatore

  16. m. sudhakar reddy says:

    i would like to know is there tatkal facility for sabari express.

  17. Neelakanta says:

    Dear sir how will go to chitoor 2 guntakal and train sudule time how mech hours juarny.

  18. sravankumar says:

    at what time chart will be prepared for train no 7050?

  19. n. venu gopal says:

    hi i want 2 know about my pnr status here my pnr. no.124-6157336

  20. Murali Krishna says:

    My 141-1764809, Vijayawada to Tirupathi on 16-06-2010

    Let me confirm the Machilipatnam Express status.

    Thank Q

  21. saifuddin says:

    what is the status of our PNR No. 114-6419586, from secunderabad to yeshwatnthpur in garib rath ?

  22. Ramesh says:

    Train No 2735 Secunderabad to Banglore ( Yesvantpur ) Depatature timing at secunderabad

  23. m.sangeeth kumar says:

    my pnr no is124-6698112

  24. m.sangeeth kumar says:

    Hi my P N R no is 124-6698112 i want know

  25. m.sangeeth kumar says:

    what is the status of our PNRno.124-6692112,from secunderabad to tenale delta passanger

  26. m.sangeeth kumar says:

    what is the status of our PNRno.124-6698112 from secunderabad to tenele delta

  27. m.sangeeth kumar says:

    what is the status of our PNRno.124-6698112 from secunderabad to tenale delta fast passanger

  28. vasuki says:

    my pnr no.453-2056317please tell me my position

  29. Nalini Thilak says:

    Transaction No:0230779108; PNR No:4219458698
    I have confirmed tickets(electronic Reservation slip) for myself and my mother on the Coimbatore Nagercoil Express(Train No:6610)on Sept 17th Sept 2010.However berths have NOT been allotted even though I had asked for lower berths.My mother is 88 years old and I am 60+ and it is very difficult to cliimb on the middle or upper berths.
    I would be extremely grateful if you could allot lower berths for both of us.Pls let me know by e-mail

  30. krishnamraju says:

    I want ticket reservation for train no. 7256. Please reply.

  31. ramesh says:

    what about my pnr status 1412850703

  32. SRINIVASULU K says:

    Dear concern,
    pls provide my PNR status

    PNR No:114-7334851
    PNR No:141-2835965

  33. CH. HEMALATHA says:

    I need two ( 1 full and 1 Half Ticket From SEc-bad to Ernakulam Town on 05/09/10(Sabari Express). My Name is ch. Hemalatha, 33 years Old and my Son’s Name is Ch. Vignesh, 7 years old. I request you to please confirm the above two tickets thorugh return mail.

    I hope you will do the needful and oblige.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,

    Ch. Hemalatha.

  34. ganesh says:

    hi sir, i would like to kn0w trains running from aurangabad to tirupathi @ morning.
    Your faith fully,

  35. majeed says:

    requested sir,
    v want to go rahmatabad darga, that is near by nellore… so, which train v have to catch…plz reply immediately…. i’m waiting for reply……

  36. satyanarayana.D says:

    want to know my PNR is 121-7697890.train no 2702. from begumpet to mumbai


    PNR 6347363275


    i need one seat from raipur to rayagada

  39. deepthi says:

    pnr no 614-9095116

  40. vamshi krishna says:

    2113115396 is the pnr number want to know the status..plz reply

  41. s s prasada rao says:

    PNR 1413896676

  42. kalyan says:

    want to know if reservation of train no 2626 from new delhi to trivandrum holding ticket pnr no: 2639919069.

  43. vijay says:

    i want knom the train timings from secendrabad to kurnool and kachiguda to kurnool and nampally to kurnool

  44. ramana says:

    my mnr number=1348070122
    from kachiguda to hubli

  45. TVSeshagirirao says:

    spl.train no.0723 from secunderabad tirupati ;-
    general trend of the train to reach vijayawada late running or genarally in time
    at what time it reaches vijayawada

  46. kapil says:

    my pnr 8537523966 from nanded to nagpur Traiin no.1401( Nandigram Express )on 17-12-2010. Tell me my current position.

  47. shyamkumar says:

    Dear sir, I have to go Bhopal on 22-12-2010. Please tell me about the available trains , timings and the charges of the second class sleeper. From secunderabad. Tell me about the 20 or 21 Dec 2010 train timing schedule immediately.

  48. Ashwini says:

    Status i wana know of pnr no:124-8702559

  49. sandeep says:

    any train available from sec’bad to ooty on 11th jan’11

  50. Palnati Rajkumar says:


  51. pavani says:

    hai sir I want to know if reservation of train on 17488 from eluru to tirupathi holding ticket pnr no 644-8915272 please tell me sir my coach and berth

  52. A kiran says:

    MY PNR is 134-8711922

  53. shahaji chandanshive says:

    I required timing of Mahalaxmi train from mumbai to Kolhapur

  54. khoamne ramesh says:

    wht is d position of train no. 12628 on dated 03/02/11
    PNR no. 254-4466110

  55. BAL REDDY B says:

    What is d position of PNR No.124-9081579 and 114-9238906.. i required information about seat and birth confirmation.

  56. K.Vikramaditya says:

    hello sir , i want information about berths in prashanthi express we are from anantapur going to hyderabad

  57. Rajesh.V says:

    MY PNR is 442-5453196

  58. ansar says:

    hello sir, what is position of PNR No.141-5029020.
    Irequired information about train and seat and birth cofirmation.

  59. annammal says:

    hello sir,what is the position of PNR NO.412-6226545 .
    i required information about seat number of train.

  60. drkotireddy n says:

    mypnr numbers are 1149757015 and1349250531 booked for 12728 on 6-3-11 i 2ac with waitlist 2.3.4, pl inform the possibility of getting confirmation
    dr n kotireddy

  61. kannaiah says:

    i want train timings Train No. 17652KCG MS Exp
    from kachiguda to renigunta very urgent plz

  62. satyanarayana says:

    my pnr no. is141-5781900
    train no. is 18310
    i need to confirm my reservation

  63. kamalamma says:

    pnr no-412-8017671 date 09-04-2011

  64. naveen says:

    Sir I have to go Tirupathi from Hyd/sec please tell me about the train details and reservation status.

  65. sai vinay says:


  66. pranoy p. says:

    pnr no.:442-8094527 date:15-04-2011

  67. SANTOSH BAHETI says:

    we are arranging pligrim tour from purna/ akola to ajmer & return by train no 12720/12719 on 17/08/11 & 26/08/11 , 300 yatri in sleeper class, 100 yatri in A.C. kindely, inform about, GROUP BOOKING RESERVATION permission to whoom & where application sent and on which date reservation purchase.

  68. saisanthosh says:

    i want timings about some trains please reply

  69. srinivas says:

    availabilty of sleeper berths from rajamandry to secunderabad 05/06/2011

  70. rajadurai says:

    wat is the status for train no.02678107,pnr no.412-8946497..

  71. Jhansi says:

    V’ve booked 10 tickets to the train no:17057/DEVAGIRI EXP from MANMAD to SECUNDERABAD.PNR no:8156309678 & 8156310315 .we want to confirm whether it is on 20/6/2011 night 2:30 or 21/6/2011 night 2:30

  72. K.Ruthu says:

    Train No.12737,Gowthami PIN 115-1056711 plz confirm the berth no tell me. plz reply my email.

  73. mahesh says:

    i want reservation for train number 2733 narayanadri express,2763,2764 padmavati express

  74. Subhash chandra jani says:

    Sec-bad to cuttack 1 seat eastcost sleeper from date 02-09-11

  75. mahi says:


  76. shyam kiran says:

    I would like to know my PNR status, Train no:57305 & PNR no: 135-1925981. Plz send to my mail id.

    Thanks & Regards
    N.shyam kiran

  77. Sambeit Mishra says:

    I need a ticket from VSK to HWH on 08/10/2011
    as, the regular trains are fully booked , I need a ticket on any of the puja special train to catch KAMRUP exp at HWH on 09/10/2011 @ 17.35 pm. So please suggest the train.

  78. Bakiyaraj says:

    hi Friend

  79. biju daniel says:

    I want to PNR status No.433-3397558 Train No.16525

  80. biju daniel says:


  81. s.i.hussaindeen says:

    25-10-11, 20:35 i want to pnr satus no. 443-3717201 train no.12638

  82. A HARIKISHORE says:

    january 12,13.&14 all vizag trains are regret 90 days please gave special trains from SC-VSKP ON 12.13,&14.AND VSKP-SC 16,17&18

  83. A HARIKISHORE says:


  84. Murali says:

    Is there any train to Ahmedabad from Tirupati

  85. r ravi shankar says:

    dhone to hyderabad

  86. r ravi shankar says:

    trains availability

  87. A.SAILAPPAN says:

    train timings for tr no.17405 from SC to ADB and train timings for tr no. 17406 from ADB to SC – krishna express details

  88. sumatilal c burad says:

    please send me time table of new passenger train
    runing from jalna to nagarsol in maharastra

  89. suresh kumar says:

    my pnr no is 414-1687418 i want to confirmation

  90. Prudhvi says:

    Wat is the cost of ticket from secunderabad to tirupathi with reservation and without reservation

  91. sua chua nha says:

    Wonderful issues altogether, you just won a new reader. What may you suggest in regards to your publish that you just made a few days in the past? Any certain?

  92. ovsarma says:

    I want to know the status of the following pnr numbers. Please inform by return mail.pnr nos.4557121983&4444682663

  93. Sửa chữa laptop says:

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  94. Sửa chữa laptop says:

    Magnificent site. Lots of helpful information here. I’m sending it to some pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And naturally, thanks for your effort!

  95. Praveen says:

    I want padamavathi express on january 20th seleeper beats avilable impermation 8099389375

  96. Sua chua laptop says:

    I’ve been browsing online greater than 3 hours as of late, but I by no means found any attention-grabbing article like yours. It is beautiful price sufficient for me. In my view, if all webmasters and bloggers made good content as you did, the internet might be much more helpful than ever before.

  97. ANUJ MISHRA says:

    please provide suggestion indian railway new registation

  98. snrao says:

    Pnr states

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