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WBUT (West Bengal University of Technology) has declared the Results of 2nd Sem, 4th Sem, 6th Sem and 8th Semester 2009 Examinations.

The Results are available on the WBUT) Website: http://www.wbut.net

Get ready with your Roll number, and you can check your Result directly here: http://www.wbut.net/main/student.asp

All the very best to WBUT students!

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    Roll No. 16303061046
    Regn. No. 163010311033 of 2006 – 2007
    Result for 2nd Semester Not Received.
    Please send by E.Mail: argha00in@yahoo.co.in
    B.Tech in ECE

  2. ---------- says:

    roll no- 071580101050

  3. piyali says:

    my roll no is 071580101050

  4. piyali says:

    my roll no is 071580101050 i want to get 6th sem result……

    • Abdelaziz says:

      A. Tell us how your experience at Baruch College has lived up to your exncteatiops? Not lived up to your exncteatiops? Exceeded your exncteatiops?My experience at Baruch College has lived up to my exncteatiops. It’s exactly how I pictured going here would be. I like how it’s in the city, so there are a lot of places to walk around and have lunch even though it’s not an actual campus. Another thing is that even though it’s not a campus, I like it that way. Having basically just three buildings make it a lot easier for me to find the classrooms. If I were to have gone to a school that is a campus, I think I would get lost really easily to figure out where everything is. I agree with everyone else who said that the work load really piled on towards the end of the semester. I didn’t expect that at all and thought the complete opposite. I really enjoy the freedom that comes with college and just pretty much being able to do anything and sit around anywhere. Commuting was fine at first in the beginning of the semester, but I’ve grown out of it and wish it wasn’t such a long ride to and from.B. How well do you think your first semester at Baruch College went?I think my first semester went fairly well. I’m expecting decent grades in all of my classes except for Calculus. I strongly dislike that class and hate math in general and it’s going to ruin my GPA. I’ve tried calculating possible GPAs for this semester and hopefully everything will turn out okay. Maybe I’m still adjusting, but I definitely feel like I’m going to do a lot better next semester. C. What would you do differently during your first semester is you could do it all again?I definitely should have studied more, especially for Calculus. I think I’ve tried my hardest for the rest of my classes, but looking back on it, I could probably do even better. There are times when I get that feeling that I just don’t care anymore and I can always catch up the next time, but I know I’ll regret it eventually. It’s the laziness. I should really stop being lazy. I wish I could start this semester all over again and do everything I should have from the very beginning.D. How have you changed since you started at Baruch College?I don’t think I’ve changed much since I started college. I’m still the same shy, always worrying type of girl. I have been able to make a few new friends and I feel a bit more comfortable when it comes to approaching someone and making conversation. I agree with Denise. I spent a lot of money on lunch this semester. Everything in the city’s so much more expensive. Guess it’s time to start bringing my own lunch everyday.

  5. rohit says:

    my roll no. is 09143001099

  6. souvik karmakar says:

    i want my 2nd sem results.my roll no 09118013014 & my registration no 091180110320.plz send my result on my email id.

  7. barnali bhowmik says:

    roll no-08107001010
    plz send my result on my email id…

    • Matteone says:

      respected sir,i got 50 marks out of 100 in my g.p.(general prof.) instead of that im the obeiednt and manndred nd under all the rules of college during my session toward the faculty nd hostel nd there r no due fines,warning or complain against me.where as all the other students got above 90..so kindly tel me wat should i do regarding the subject.

  8. arumoy says:

    roll no-09121002003.
    i want to know my 2nd sem results.

  9. Tanmoy Mondal says:

    my roll no. is->15516061059.plzzz send me the 6th semester result.

  10. amit kumar das says:

    myself amit kumar das.i wnat to know my result.my roll no is09165001030 n my registration no is 091650110003.my contact no is 9883435108.plz send my result as soon as posible

  11. Shouvik Adhikary says:

    my roll is 09120016030.
    i still have no reply from net for wbut 2nd sem result.

  12. anirban saha says:

    roll no.-13103061021
    reg no.-131010311018
    plz send me my 6th sem result………..

  13. tinny says:

    pls send me resullt 08148050048

  14. 09156012031 says:

    pls send me 2nd sem result

  15. Tathagata Dey says:

    ROLL NO:09156012031
    pls send me the result…….

  16. Alicia says:

    Dear SIR,The Whole CIvil 2nd Year Batch have been marked aebsnt in 5 subjects..Please look into the matter..Mukul BindalCE-2nd

  17. Precious says:

    You’re going to have SO MUCH FUN! I went to Katelyn’s workshop in November and I left cotemplely on fire for my business. She’s such a great teacher- you’re going to be so happy you went!

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